About Juggling Career and Elder Care

I created this blog site to address the growing concern of juggling career and elder care. The number of elderly people in the US is rapidly rising with the retirement of the Baby Boomers and their entry into the medical and social welfare systems. The 77 million increase in the nation’s elderly population will change the economy and social dynamics of this country in many ways.

Caring for our parents as they age will become a common theme in the lives of many families because our society does not have a strong infrastructure for elder care, and families are expected to shoulder most of the work. However, unlike a paid job, elder care does not come with a manual or training program, making performing the job that much harder.

Like many people, I found myself thrust into the role of caring for my father without knowing all his issues or needs. I have learned along the way, often by trial and error, some of the things that would be useful for others just coming to this role to know. I am by no means an expert on the topic of elder care, and remain on a learning curve.  Elder care is so complex and defined by the individual needs of the elderly and their caregivers, that it is probably impossible for any one person to be knowledgeable about every possible topic or problem that caregivers confront  daily. Despite this, I hope my experience will be of help to you in your elder care adventure.


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